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We are continuously improving and updating Blue Chip Bridge.  Our policy is to provide minor updates to registered users free of charge (see below).  The latest version of the program is Version 6.7.1.  Please refer to the attached list for information about revisions to the current version of Blue Chip Bridge.  Please see the title page of the program (or Help | About) for the version number of your own copy.

We have provided free updates to Version 6 for the last five years. If you have taken advantage of this service (or are about to do so), we invite you to make a donation towards the cost of continuing improvements to Blue Chip Bridge.  Please note that we do not automatically send updates in response to donations - you should follow the procedure described below ("Minor version updates").

Amount of donation


Major version updates

The latest major version of the program is Version 6.

With the publication of Version 6, we no longer support Versions 1 to 5 of the program and we are not issuing updates to those earlier versions.  If you have an earlier version of the program and you haven't already taken advantage of our upgrade offer to Version 6, please contact us ( for upgrade terms.

If you have registered a copy of Version 4 or 5 of the program with us (and given us your current email address), we will have sent you details of the upgrade arrangements.   Please email us if you have changed your previous email address or if you didn't include your current email address in your original registration information.

After you have updated to Version 6, please follow the "Minor version updates" procedure below.

If you are returning your CD to us for replacement, please post it to : Blue Chip Bridge Ltd, 11 Park Lane, Southwick, Brighton, West Sussex BN42 4DL.


Minor version updates

Minor version updates are shown on attached list.

If you already own a copy of Version 6 of the program, you can check for updates from : Menu | Tools | Check for updates | Email.  The Help topic is "Updates".  Please note that we will not issue a free upgrade unless a) you have already registered your purchased copy of the program with us and b) you tell us the version number and serial number of your CD.

The upgrade will consist of updates to those files which have been changed since the issue of your version of Blue Chip BridgePlease ensure that your email server will accept downloads of files in excess of 3MB.

Because the changes from minor version to minor version are relatively small, we have decided not to issue upgrades automatically, so as not to involve users in unnecessary downloads.

Updating the bidding database

If you have edited the bidding database, please be certain to back up your existing version of it and to study the Help pages about extracting and merging bids before you overwrite your copy with a newer version.