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System requirements

* From Version 6.6 onwards, we are specifying that Blue Chip Bridge should be run under Windows 10.  Whilst we expect that, for the time being, the program will continue to run under Windows 7 or 8, this change will enable us to take advantage of the extra capabilities of Windows 10 in any future improvements.

** If your computer does not have a CD drive, but you have another computer with a CD drive, you can access the drive on the other computer using the Windows mapped network drive feature.  Alternatively, you can use an external USB plug-in CD drive.

Blue Chip Bridge is a Windows program.   In order to run it on an Apple Mac or iPad, you will need to have Windows installed on your computer, either as the host operating system or by way of an emulator (typically Boot Camp or Parallels).   There may be a small loss of performance.  If you have a Windows-enabled computer, you can download and run the demonstration to test it.   Due to the high development costs, we have no plans at the present time for re-programming Blue Chip Bridge to run under any operating system other than Windows.