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Learn with Blue Chip Bridge is the new way of teaching yourself how to play bridge.

Many would-be bridge players are discouraged from learning bridge because they think that it is too difficult a game for them.  Bridge is a difficult game - but whatever your age or standard of play, the continuing challenge of solving its puzzles and problems can give you a life-long interest unavailable with simpler games.  Learn with Blue Chip Bridge (an integral part of the Blue Chip Bridge package) leads you step-by-step through the basic stages.  By the end of the course, you should be able to take your place at the bridge table with confidence and a thorough understanding of the elements of the game.

Because of the potential complexity of bridge, some beginners are anxious about making mistakes or being criticized for being too slow when playing with better players.  Learn with Blue Chip Bridge is the perfect partner and opponent.  You can take as long as you like to think, you can change your mind, you can even start again from the beginning.  Blue Chip Bridge will never complain, however many times you ask for help or ask it for the same information.

The basic rules of bridge are relatively simple.  They are already built into Blue Chip Bridge, and the program will automatically prevent you from breaking them.  Blue Chip Bridge will stop you from making illegal bids or from playing an illegal card and it will also keep the score.

There are four main stages in the game - dealing, bidding, playing the cards and scoring.  Dealing and scoring are robotic procedures and require no skill - just the thing for a computer program !  Later on, you can override the dealing and scoring procedures, but whilst you are learning, Blue Chip Bridge will handle dealing and scoring automatically for you.

MiniBridge (part of Learn with Blue Chip Bridge) is an excellent introduction to bridge.   It is a game for four players, competing against each other as two pairs (North/South and East/West).  One pair (the "declaring" side) tries to win a certain number of tricks.  The other pair (the "defending" side) tries to prevent them from doing so.  To this extent, MiniBridge is identical to bridge.   However, unlike bridge, MiniBridge does not involve any bidding. The rules of MiniBridge are not complicated and if you are familiar with the whist-like concepts of taking tricks and playing with a trump suit, you will be able to start a game right away !  If you want to try MiniBridge now, you can download a free copy.

As you progress through the Learn with Blue Chip Bridge course, you will play different levels of MiniBridge, practising new card-play skills as you learn them.  You will quickly gain a good basic knowledge of many of the techniques used in bridge itself.

Bidding Practice presents you with a number of different bidding situations (opening bids, responses, overcalls, opener's rebids and responder's rebids) in which you have to select the correct bid to make.  Your progress is constantly analysed by the program.   If you have a problem, the Bidding Tutor is always ready to advise you.  Blue Chip Bridge will teach you the concepts relating to the cards that you have been dealt, so that you gradually learn to apply those principles to other similar deals.

Also included in the package are all of the practice and revision hands from the English Bridge Union's "Bridge for All" course.  If you are learning at the Andrew Robson Bridge Club, Bidding Practice will provide you with specific examples tailored to the Club's bidding style.

But Blue Chip Bridge is not just for beginners.  It has many additional features designed especially for improving players.