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Blue Chip Bridge for improvers

For improving players, Blue Chip Bridge has a range of features to help you learn more about the game.  You can practise your bidding skills with natural and conventional bids using Bidding Practice, and use the program's Bidding Tutor and Playing Tutor to receive hints and expert advice as you play random deals.

If you have just learned some new conventions, you can ask Blue Chip Bridge to play them too.  The program knows a wide range of the most popular conventions, including Transfers, Negative doubles and Landy and many more.

Players always like to know if they could have done better.  "Could I have made that contract ?"  At the end of a deal, the program's unique Hindsight feature is able to tell you immediately.  Hindsight will show you on-screen the point where you made your last error.  You can replay from that point or watch as Blue Chip Bridge shows you the winning line of play !  And if that isn't enough, Hindsight might also be able to show you how you could have bid to a better-scoring contract !

For a more competitive game, challenge Blue Chip Bridge to an IMP-scored team match of up to 16 boards.  You play through the boards with the program as your partner.  When you have completed the first half of the set and checked your scorecard, watch as Blue Chip Bridge replays all of the boards itself before scoring up and announcing the winning team.

If you want to give yourself a real challenge, try out some Endplay problems.  These double-dummy problems are generated by Blue Chip Bridge and will challenge even expert players, particularly if you set yourself a time-limit.  Try again if you fail, or ask Blue Chip Bridge for a detailed explanation of the correct line of play !