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Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my serial number ?

1  Insert your Blue Chip Bridge CD

2  Run Blue Chip Bridge

3  From the introduction screen, select "Play Blue Chip Bridge"

4  From the program's main playing screen (not the introduction screen), go to

    Menu | Tools* | Serial number

(* or, with earlier versions of the program, Menu | Help | Serial number or Menu | Help | Registration).

5  If you have more than one CD drive, make sure that the drive letter matches the active drive.

6  Press the "CD inserted" button on the form.

7.  If you get "serial number unreadable", make sure that the CD has run up to speed, then try again.


"Serial number unreadable"

1.  If you have more than one CD drive, make sure that the drop-down list is pointing to the correct drive.

2.  When you insert the CD, are you giving the drive enough time to run up to speed ?  Windows will sometimes display an hour-glass mouse-cursor before the CD is ready.  Not waiting for spin-up is the main cause of a mis-read.

3.  Have you repeated your attempt to access the CD ?  After the "unable to read" message, wait 10 seconds, then try again (several times).  Maybe there is a microscopic dust particle on the CD.

4.  Is there any sign of damage on the CD ?  Try cleaning it carefully with a soft cloth.

5.  Can you read the contents of the CD from Windows File Explorer ?  Try that immediately before trying to read the serial number.

6.  Do you have problems reading any other CD ?  If so, maybe your drive is faulty.  If you have access to another CD drive, try reading the serial number from there.


The display is corrupted

Versions 1, 2 and 3 of Blue Chip Bridge were written before the release of Windows XP and are not compatible with it.  Versions 4 and 5.0 were written before the release of Windows Vista and are not compatible with it.  You should upgrade to Version 6.  Whatever version of the Windows operating system you are using, you should keep it up-to-date because the program may use certain Windows display features not present in earlier versions of Windows.


Help file restricted

If you can't access the topics in the Help file, Windows has probably blocked the file.  Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to navigate to the file (it has a .chm extension) in the Blue Chip Bridge folder.  Trying opening it and you may be offered an "Unblock" dialog.  If so, accept the unblock.  If the unblocking dialog isn't displayed, open the file's Properties and use the check boxes to give yourself full access rights to the file.


Telephone support

We no longer offer telephone support.  Please email


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